Welcome to Regina Carter Quilts

Regina Carter comes from a long line of creative women starting with her Great Grandmother who couldn't wait for the Chicken Feed Sacks to arrive with new colors and designs just waiting to be made into a beautiful quilt that would be hand quilted by her and a group of friends known as "The Ladies."

Isn't it wonderful to be able to combine the old quilting traditions with the new machines, fabrics, and technology we have today and still meet with "The Ladies" in my quilting group to have dinner and compare notes on all the quilting projects we are involved in.

I love machine quilting, both custom and pantographs, and helping other quilters develop new skills in my quilting classes. I also enjoy doing programs for Quilt Guilds. Some call it "Show and Tell," I call it "Drag and Brag."

I am a "SALES REPRESENTITIVE" for Pat's Calico Cottage, a factory trained GAMMILL® Longarm Quilting Systems and Statler Sticher Dealer. CALL ME FOR A DEMO!

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the quilts I have made and quilted.