I am able to complete the binding process for you if you like. However, since you have done the majority of the work by making the quilt top, you may want to consider doing the binding yourself for a feeling of completion and that personal touch. Fabric for binding supplied by you.

I am able to baste your quilt for had quilting at your request. The stitches are large enough for you to remove during the hand quilting process.

For your convenience I carry Hobbs Wool, Warm & White and Hobbs 80-20. However, if you have your own you like and have had success with using, I will be happy to use yours.

Binding & Basting Prices
Binding: .40¢ per inch around the perimeter.
Binding: Make and apply .30¢ per inch. You stitch down and back.
Basting: 0.0050 per square inch. Minimum charge $40.00

Quilting Prices
Quilting prices are calculated on the square inch (length in inches X width in inches X price per square inch).

			Type			Cost per sq. in.		Min. Chg.
			Edge to edge		0.0270 & up			$50 & up
			Custom			Starting at 0.0800 & up		$100 & up
			Example: Edge to edge
				72 X 90 = 6480.00 sq. in.
					 X 0.0270
				81 X 90 = 7290.00 sq. in.
					 X 0.0270
				90 X 108 = 9720.00 sq. in.
					  X 0.0270
				120 X 120 = 14400.00 sq. in.
					    X 0.0270

Preparing the Quilt
• No basting or pinning is needed.
• Quilt tops and backing must be carefully pressed and trimmed of extra threads.
• There will be an additional charge or $25.00 if pressing or squaring up is necessary.
• The backing should be squared up in order to load it accurately on the quilting machine. Note: packaged batting may be left in bags as purchased.
• The quilt top, batting, and backing must be three separate pieces in order to load it on the quilting machine. Back and batting must be at least 4 inches larger than top on all sides.
Example: Quilt measures 100"x100". Back must be at least 108"x108" or larger.

Patterns & Designs
Edge to Edge Patterns: These quilting designs consist of one pattern repeated in rows over the entire quilt top. There are numerous patterns to choose from.
Custom Designs: These designs combine a variety of techniques and patterns to highlight the uniqueness of your quilt top. The price is based on the complexity of the custom design.

Machine Quilting
Machine quilting it not a substitute for hand quilting, but is a timesaving alternative to aid you in finishing some of your beautiful quilt tops. My Gammill Quilting Machine is specifically developed for hand-guided. This machine and frame will easily handle a king-size quilt. Since the machine is hand-guided, and computerized, each piece is a unique of work. Don't forget, grandma's quilt tops. She would be proud to have them finished.